Ben (Behnam) is the founder of Dashed Line Creations. He is a full time husband, designer and maker. He has a mixed background in graphic design and electronic engineering.

Mahsa is the co-founder of Dashed Line Creations. She is the wife, writer, thinker and maker with years of experience as an art critic with a focus on fine arts.

Our Story

The logo of Dashed line Creations demonstrates our vision: A cottage with a smoking chimney… inside the cottage people are enjoying a home cooked meal and friendly conversation.


We offer quality handmade products over mass-produced ones, encouraging you to rethink the value of unique craftsmanship, helping to nurture individuality and enjoying the moment.

As a graphic designer and art critic by profession, we create our products, packaging, photography and website–from concept through completion.

Nature is our inspiration–where complex inner structures create simple forms, like a leaf or a water drop. Developing this idea, we create jewelry and products that appear simple, but require complicated expertise forming wood, brass and other natural materials.

This is the beginning of our journey, and we strive to deliver our message by finding new homes for each of our unique creations.

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