Tiny Camera Necklace

The Dashed Line Creations Cameras are designed to value the greatness of this invention and those who are in love with photography. The cameras come in two unique designs to go with your fashion outfit or to be a companion to your desk.

DSLR Camera

Necklace or Desk Decor

The Tripod

Your tiny camera deserves a designated spot to rest, even if it is serving as a necklace piece. That’s why we have designed a tiny tripod from wood and brass as an extra fascination.

Work of an Artisan

Being simple yet complicated in making is a part of our philosophy. For both designs, the make process requires great amount of precision and skill. Even the strap hook and accessories are hand-cut from wood to follow the overall look and feel of the piece.

Both Cameras are handmade with power and hand tools, one by one. The main body piece is CNC cut from Walnut or Purple heart wood. Those who are familiar with Purpleheart know that this amazing product of nature is purple by itself. There is NO color or dye we use.

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